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If this is indeed true,then this would be the second israel-based company bought by apple this year,as it bought israeli flash memory startup anobit in phone tracker late 2011

Why Look No One’s Listening Was A Porn Site

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Everyone.
I should have written this blog at least two weeks ago but I was busy doing things like resetting my password and then forgetting what password I used to reset my password…over and over…
Irene Can't Remember Passwords
Many things have changed since I last posted a blog entry on December 4,2007. The basics remain the same,I still have curly hair…I am still great friends with the original No One’s Listening Cast including Skye the Ladybug,Chris the Producer ,Colin the sound guy,and of course the ever hilarious Melissa. We’re all grown-ups now,which means we no longer can rely on the government to pay for our lives. In fact,I’m not sure you are aware of this,but did you know that you have to pay back student loans?
I digress. Anyway,apparently if you leave a site long enough,your site will become a porn site (even if it started out as a media literacy site. (Gosh even linking there I realize that somehow the words are off in that post…this site needs an extreme makeover).The pictures were out of date,the content was out of date…as a matter of fact the only thing up-to-date was the porn on the forum page.
DID YOU  KNOW? Guess what happens if you leave a site long enough?
PORN. That’s right,if you leave a site long enough it porn spam grows like weeds between the cracks in the sidewalks. I could write more,but nothing is funnier then reading the porn that grew on the site over the last 4 years. If I’ve learned anything being a media maven it’s that porn will always steal your show…what could I possibly write that would be more entertaining then below…amateur masturbation party…yeah I can’t top that…I didn’t realize there were professional masturbation parties…
I love that the hot tags were FREE and INCEST and JOBS. Lovely. The only thing funnier,is that in all 4 years since I’ve neglected my site,my email signature still said NoOnesListening.org with a link to the site. Perfect. Hahahahahahaha
The more I look at this picture the more I laugh. I want it framed. I want it on a t-shirt. I can’t even tell you what I think is the funniest…even the end bit…where apparently next to the layers of fantastical porn sites to check out you can also find…of course,low cost golf clubs.

Porn On site

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We Feelin Fine On this Rainy Day

I have a new website I geek out to called Fora.tv and yes I happen to be helping them out,but every day I help with Fora I get tricked into becoming a smarter person. Check out this clip of Jonathan Harris who created a program and site called We Feel Fine which tracks human emotion on blogs by tracking when people used the phrase “I feel”or “I am feeling”and anyway check out the video it’s a really interesting project.

Mobile Media Content Interview

Wow actually kick ass press where the journalist did the work,researched,and didn’t call me the chick from The Real World yeah for Jason Ankeny for doing a great interview and actually printing what I said. Fierce Markets Mobile Media Newsletter
Five Questions with…Irene McGee
Media activist and pundit Irene McGee is perhaps best known for her award-winning podcast No One’s Listening,which since its 2005 inception has addressed a range of subjects spanning popular culture and the forces that shape it. She is also an outspoken critic against media manipulation and the myth of reality-based television. FierceMobileContent editor Jason Ankeny spoke with McGee on the future of mobile content–and the struggle between carriers and consumers to control that future.
FierceMobileContent:How is the mobile industry influencing the culture at large?
Irene McGee:I don’t know if mobile media is having a negative or positive impact,but we’re definitely making a cultural shift. It’s a means of allowing us to connect with business or personal contacts,yet we do it in a very public environment. I can’t remember the last time I used a pay phone. Pay phones had booths we talked inside,for privacy–remember privacy? So 1990s. Speaking of privacy,what seems really important to most consumers is that their phone has a camera. Now people can record anything at anytime,but does that mean that you have a right to use any image? I don’t know.
FMC:Why do so many people want to document their lives for mass consumption,anyway?
IM:It’s cool to say things like you don’t want to be famous–it’s much cooler to say you’d never do something like that. But our behavior proves otherwise. People are showing more of themselves in a very public way. TV is a mass medium and it’s in every conversation everywhere. That’s real power. You don’t have a choice to not know who Britney Spears is–there’s no place you can go where you have the luxury to shut that off. You don’t get to shut off what Google is. Who wouldn’t want to be one of those things people think about? “Anyone can have their 15 minutes of fame”is the big saying,but not everyone will have a multimedia,multi-platform,multi-channel distribution 15 minutes. User-generated content shows how much people want to create and be heard–I believe most people do think no one is listening to them,and they’re right.
FMC:Does the mainstream attention paid to user-generated content portend a shift in how media is controlled and distributed?
IM:If something makes it in the mainstream,it’s because the mainstream bought it. If they didn’t buy it,they aired it,because they thought the airtime would get them eyeballs. One of the first shows based in user-generated content is actually still on air–America’s Funniest Home Videos. Once people realize that what they’re filming is riveting and marketable,then taking that footage becomes more important than what is going in front of them–they care more about getting the film than what they’re filming. Has user-generated content done stuff for people to have a voice? Maybe. But to get traffic once is not a big deal. It’s not about the spike in traffic–it’s about translating that traffic into subscribers and listeners. That’s heavy–that’s loyalty. Viral video doesn’t get you deeper into that subject–you just watch more viral videos. So in that respect user-generated content is like winning the lottery,except all you win is that moment in time. And when it happens,you need to have the content to back it up.
FMC:But isn’t it a step forward for consumers to take back some control over the media?
IM:User-generated content is a myth–it doesn’t exist. The wireless companies will never let users create media in a free-for-all manner. If they do,it will be under private sharing mechanisms–there is way too much risk to allow anyone to mass distribute anything that is popular when a brand is attached.
In England,there was a phenomenon called “happy slapping”where kids would film while a buddy slapped an unsuspecting person. No cellular phone company wants to back that sort of behavior with their brand,and although 90 percent of the content is pictures of friends and family,that risk could absolutely break a company. The Internet is still cool–people will still be able to do their own stuff there. But once you tie a company brand to it,it changes.
Look at podcasting–I got in there before it was inundated by the mainstream. Now you go on iTunes,and podcasting is all about the mainstream. TV shows have a podcast,radio shows have a podcast–there is so much information on iTunes that people are choosing what is familiar,and oftentimes that is what they missed on TV or on the radio,or a show which was endorsed by a newspaper or magazine article they read or a blog recommendation. When there is so much information,we need a way to filter and pick and choose,and when in doubt,unless you are in the mood to try something new,you pick something familiar.
This is why creating No One’s Listening was such an amazing feat,looking back. It was a new format,a new sound,a new topic and people loved it and they tuned in for hours each week. That was amazing. Was No One’s Listening user-created media? Yes,but at the end of the day,the reality is every single person on my team was a pro. Now,I am not being overly cynical when I say user-created media is a farce–it really and truly is. Consider the amount of money a company pays an ad agency to approve and sift through all the user-created ads to pick the user-created ad that will air during the Super Bowl–there’s still a ton of bank involved,and it’s not going to the user that created the video. The user won’t get a job out of it from the ad agency. All it does is take the so-called “reality television”concept of winning a chance to be on-air and applies it to producing,directing and editing. It says a lot for user-created content that the places most willing to embrace it are ad companies–they’re the ones who most want you to share your story…as long as your story is about their product.
FMC:What must happen for mobile content to become a mass medium?
IM:First,cellular phone companies need to figure out how to make my cell phone work–then they can worry about mobile content. I’m joking…well,actually,I think getting back to basics would be refreshing.
I think what must happen is that the application interfaces must seamless and fit the screen with limited scrolling. I think the mobile companies need to remember that good content is about telling a good story. Here’s the key to a good story:It has a beginning,middle and end. Forget the fancy bells and whistles,forget the cool animation–just bring it back to whether it’s a good story. You want people to get lost in your content and remember your story. That means allowing them to have a good time.
I am all for advertising,and this is where it is going to be increasingly more important to be aware of where and how your ads are being displayed and the attention span of your audience–most people scan information on a cellular phone,rather then read it fully. You have less time and are dealing with a person in an entirely different mindset,if only for the fact that they are physically holding the device. You don’t hold your TV screen,or even your laptop. A mobile phone might be a place where people get content,but it’s not their 69-foot plasma TV. It’s small. It’s not big. It’s not like the match was invented and people then said “Forget the campfire–come stay warm around my match.”We’ll still like our surround sound and big screens.
Plus,on a practical level,phones don’t have the charge to do this stuff–it’s short-form content,and people aren’t getting lost in it. There is a lot of good,interesting video content being created–and audio. Audio is great,because it takes up less memory and people can commit more time to it simply because they can do more while listening. There is so much going on right now that the opportunities may seem limitless,but that’s not true. Nothing will ever replace a good story. That needs to be the focus.
For more information on Irene McGee,please visit http://www.nooneslistening.org/

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Oil Spilllll pal Zeddy

Hey so there was a major oil spill here in sf,however not major enough for them to close this beach my friend from GETV and Eddie.com was taking a stroll on…I mean are you kidding me it’s pretty nasty

A Day at Oil Beach

Well in any event I will have to put on hold my triathlon training…. um well that will be my excuse for a while anyway.

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What I would do to Live in A TV Drama

Wouldn’t it be great. You show up single. You have sexual chemistry with the one other qualified single guy that is available only for you and you have to work together and you know that whether the show makes it 7 years or two seasons the love will have to happen quick because Mr Right is physically right there…and all the cast and all the music and all the signs are there for you to see how your life will work out.
There’s always a wise ol’neighbor or office assistant who though they are beneath you in job rank (your the star in the drama) they have the wisdom of the dali lama…
It’s pretty and clean. The sets are so clean it’s unreal. No clutter anywhere and the pseudo clutter is not clutter is it? It’s some papers they purposely unstacked and made messy…it’s never real mess though is it. You never see the random sock on a table. You never see the cupboards open hell you never even see one drawer slightly left ajar…you never see the breakfast bowl left on the breakfast table…
I watch anyway. I watch in spite of the fact I know exactly what is going to happen. I watch even though I know that women sans botox who actually eat and have a career to not exist looking like that…because to look like that looking at yourself is your part-time career. I watch in spite of the fact that these people are all trapped together never leaving their drama family/career/whatever…there is no outside world for the dramas. That’s why I watch.
I watch because they never pay bills. I watch because the dogs are not mutts and cats don’t exist.
They are neat. Clean,crisp corners,with great comeback lines matched with perfect half smiles. They are the Quicker Picker Upper narratives for my brain,because my brain wants something in my life to be neat and organized and predictable…and so I watch television dramas,because life is messy.

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Explore the Future of the WEB This WEEKEND

WebVisions 2007 (link to:http://www.webvisionsevent.com/)
Join the rockstars of design,user experience and business strategy to get a glimpse into the future,along with practical information that you can apply to your Web business,company and career. Keynote speakers include Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine of Ask a Ninja and David Pescovitz,co-founder of BoingBoing.net and editor-at-large of MAKE:Magazine.
Shameless self promotion –I am doing a workshop on Friday so if you are in the Portland area please roll by and I’ll give you the in’s and out’s of podcasting both audio and video and how to really make it make noise…even if no one is listening!

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Ok in the show that should be going up now (cough,cough…we’re having a little technical difficulties) I discussed free wi-fi as a solution BUT the following show that is in the wings waiting for Chris to work his editing magic is about wi-fi access and it’s a LOT more complex then I had thought…wi-fi access points have a low signal (like think cordless phone low signal.. I mean you can build them bigger.. but…it’s a very complex issue…and I dug myself right into the hole of the debate…)
Now this is posted on Google and check out the “simple”install page http://www.google.com/tisp/install.html
Oh Google better not get to big for their britches because there is an ogle in Google (matter of fact it says Go Ogle…. which is what all the press that was so nice to them in the beginning are going to be doing now…Google is like the tech worlds equivalent to Britney Spears –pretty,young,rich has everything…we’re just waiting for the head shaving moment…) It’s a pity really because people will gladly watch while they get dethroned off their throne (they themselved even showed a toilet in the easy install picture…)
Hmm if connecting the world was only that easy. I just wonder sometimes if it’s like Coca-cola saying hey you are thirsty have some coke to people with no access to food and water…(Or like here in the US somehow McDonald’s popped up everywhere…well who cares if it’s fast and convenient if it’s crap…although I do eat there sometimes…whatever like you are so perfect) well coke is something to drink but it’s sugary and sweet and also rots your teeth and stuff (course i drink that as well) but is it really what you want to drink as your only option…
Ohh and I interviewed this guy named Jeff Wishnie from a comapny called Inveneo http://www.inveneo.org/ which partners with another rad company (who I didn’t have on the show called http://www.one-economy.com) who is soooo rad and working on the coolest project trying to get some basic connections going in this world so half the world doesn’t righteously look at the other half and say look at the divide…he’s actually getting places up and connected in the Sahara (think hot and dry and totally different way to store your harddrive then our fancy co-locations which are nice and air conditioned here in the US) where people don’t even have light let alone electricity…so that when they get up and running they can not only tell us what they need if they need something but tell one another…
Here’s my analogy –it’s like instead of giving someone a fish you teach them to fish,right …but what we do is give people a can of tuna that i can’t open without a can opener…and if we think to try and teach them to fish we realize after we spend a billion dollars smiling for our cameras…that guess what the nearest ocean is a twenty mile walk…)
We have the food to feed the world and people are starving. We haven’t figured out the basics of food and shelter and therapy (that’s a basic right…oh no wait that’s only a basic if you live in a place where you have the luxury to think about yourself this much). We’re talking about giving one lap top per child to people that are hungry and using that lap top for light to light their hut…and last I checked you can’t eat a laptop…and I checked recently…
I just don’t see how that is going to do anything but start WARS…. major wars…major fighting…black markets…what if a kid breaks it…what if the teacher can’t use it…dude there are countries where kids know how to hold a rifle and use it by age 6 (maybe they don’t want a laptop from us…they hate us…they have civil wars going on that are so major and like the one thing both sides can agree on is how much they hate America…because we come up with crappy ideas like one lap top per child…)
PuhLEASE go watch the most recent video online where I interview Kate Roberts from Cisco (they do all computer networking jazz..) who helps set up schools and teach people how to set up networks…who cares if I have a computer if it can’t get online and such (then it’s a typewriter and I bet Jobs wouldn’t be nearly so into one lap top per child then would he…) anyway it’s really cool because she talked about going to countries where women are second class citizens and how the economy is totally separate so women are not allowed to shop in stores with men…which means they need the biz tools to survive…but getting an education can also threaten their actual lives…CRAZY…just go to No One’s Listening and check out the first video on the video page…I can’t link latey…)
OK sooo the much anticipated wi-fi show will be out this week in the meantime the disaster show is going up –and what a disaster it is to get out with all our equipment issues…but we talk on…even though.. no one is listening…

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I lost My Ipod

OK so as a terrible defect to this whole tragedy in my life…I one,wanted music…because really when life slams you like this you need some tunes to tune out the world around you…AND I find myself in lines all the time…so a pal got me an ipod as a donation…I have since “misplaced”that ipod about ten times a day…and this time I think it might be for real…which would for REAL SUCK…it’s one thing to lose most of my music but the few songs I had on this computer I can’t listen to at bizarrely loud levels while cruising the streets of life…I better find that sucker because I might have to buy a new one if I don’t…it’s just funny the ONE thing of value that I have right now and I can’t seem to remember to find it when I need to…like now because it’s a GREAT idea to cruise around the SF streets at night with an ipod on…no I’m kidding –I don’t have speakers anymore so I can’t listen to music loud and I have to build a shelf thing (someone gave me a shelving thing that I just had to “build”well it’s been over a week and apparently you can wait and wait and no matter how much I procrastinate those stubborn slabs of wood won’t just meld together and act like a shelf…plus,those shelves should come with a warning label –like directions not in English and time spent making will be at least fourteen hours…)
Anyway,no show tomorrow. I guess the school is closed…. which means I have no access to a studio –which means no No One’s Listening. Don’t worry you won’t miss a thing because we’re actually backlogged a show so there will be plenty of online content coming your way.
Also,the last show I was talking about free wi-fi but then in the show that you are waiting on the edge of your itunes delivery box to recieve was about free wi-fi and my heart has taken a sudden turn or my brain has…I was underwear that wi-fi has such small signal reach capacity. You learn something new everyday. And these days I’m learning lessons I didn’t even sign up to learn…but anyway the free wi-fi internet connectivity show that is coming up is going to rule…I just said it like that to be dramatic because I worked the boards all by myself so it may actually be harsh on the ears but hopefully Chris our dedicated producer will be able to produce out alll my mistakes.
My friend said I should post some of the nice letters fans have sent since the fire. I will do that next blog…for now I’m going to build that shelf…when you write something did you know you are more likely to follow through because you commited to it on paper (or in this case on keyboard) so here’s to me finishing that shelf unit…actually I may run to the car that is not mine which I’m borrowing so I can take my cat on all these emergency cat visits and see if I left my iPod inside the car…if not…I will cry. Hard.

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DIY –Oh my

Ok so back to media related topics…I don’t own a TV now…. and I’d like to go public with the fact that I really miss my Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights…I just miss being able to relax sometimes at night and get lost in a movie or something. Alas,the only movie player I have is on the computer and I find it difficult to watch anything on the computer because I tend to do work and/or the computer gets glitchy and I feel bad for it… it was in a very hot fire so I have to take it easy on the poor thing.
No tv is really weird because I must admit I watched a lot –not that I just watched tv but I usually had it on in the background or something while on the computer –tv –etc something to escape to so it’s weird to just like not even have that be an option. I realize I could purchase a tv and make that an option but truthfully it’s last on my to-do list.
I’m glad the podcasts are back in full effect because it feels good to research and do the show. I worked the boards and did the whole thing myself last week –which was pretty cool because I talk a big game about girls learning to use the tools themselves but I only knew the basics so it was kind of nice to be forced to learn to work a radio board while being on air –in retrospect…at the time I was totally freaking out…but psyched I made it happen. That show won’t be coming out until next week. We used to record and then put the show right out,but we’re about a week behind on putting things up now –so bear with us as we get our lives in order…Chris has a full-time job now,but it’s at a start-up so it’s like a full-time/over-time job. He was just leaving work now at 9 pm when we were IMing…
Also check out the new show about disasters…one of our best although I think that every show…I just so appreciate getting to learn so much information each and every show. It’s very cool my job –if only it paid…
Sorry I haven’t been blogging much…I have been busy stitching my life back together.

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