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Chemical warfare warfare warFARE!

I’m really psyched about this week’s show,The Commodification of Punk. It’s a subject near and dear to me,because this is the music I grew up with and it basically saved my ass in a time of serious isolation. It’s one thing to grow up hanging out at CBGB or Mabuhay or 924 Gilman…[...]

Renegades Lessig Entry

I love Rene and Eddie is cool too and he is here at my house helping me upload pictures even though he is allergic to my cats because he is a nice guy…

Who Cares About The Children? What About ME!

My abusive relationship with media violence…[...]

Still not listening after all these weeks

While Irene’s dealing with real life this week (as opposed to the Real World),we’re taking the opportunity to present a remix of our favorite guests and moments from our previous shows. Skye the Ladybug and I will also be sharing some hilarious behind-the-scenes glimpses into the chaos that is N1L on Friday mornings. And [...]

no ones show this week

I will be unable to rock the mic this week…but we are working on some great shows such as “The Commodification of Punk”which will be two Fridays from now ie October 28th,2005.

My pre-show take on the Punk scene is that it used to be about F-you and now it’s more [...]

Ode to Lawrence Lessig –

We all love Lawrence Lessig. Unfortunately those young’ns today just don’t know who he is…and really though I am not making a judgment on the name Lawrence or Lessig for that matter…it would be terrific if we could say,rename the guy.

Perhaps it’s time Lawrence Lessig got a new name to [...]

This Week’s Show

We had yet another great show on Friday,and I can’t wait to get it up on LibSyn. Due to a technical issue with the studio,we won’t be able to finalize the show and get it online until Monday evening. Comes with the territory on a DIY show,I suppose! Trust me,it will [...]

What I learned from my interview with Lawrence Lessig,by Irene McGee

Lessig more.

Additionally,“overregulation stifles creativity”(This is one of numerous good Lessigisms from his book Free Culture). Although,in my case I think under-regulation stifles productivity…)

Here’s the skinny on his book in simple,easy-to-use vernacular which you can use at parties to impress those around you who try to turn the copyright issue [...]

Hewo!?! Nevermind,noone listens to me…

We are the media,we are the children…[...]

We-B Live.

Woohoo,yet another medium for us to be ignored in! Welcome to any brave souls who have made it this far.