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What I learned from my interview with Lawrence Lessig,by Irene McGee

Lessig more.
Additionally,“overregulation stifles creativity”(This is one of numerous good Lessigisms from his book Free Culture). Although,in my case I think under-regulation stifles productivity…)
Here’s the skinny on his book in simple,easy-to-use vernacular which you can use at parties to impress those around you who try to turn the copyright issue into a steal versus purchase argument. This is not the argument,not only because no one would get into a fight over such a lame debate,because no one would be on the side of stealing… and if they were they would be on the wrong side of the law the side with no order.
No library has run any Barnes and Nobles out of town.
Just because we can watch Gwenny’s hubby sing acoustic on MTV,does not mean we’re any less inspired to purchase tickets to his upcoming show.
Seinfeld will be offered for free,in syndication,every night any night forever infinity amen –I swear on the part of the bible that both Jerry Seinfeld and I believe in… Does that mean that his DVD box set home edition might have seemed like a waste of money to anyone? No. People ran to Best Buy to purchase the complete DVD box set for just In Time for the holidays.
The only thing exposure will guarantee is that people WILL PURCHASE more. This is America. United We Charge.

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