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Ode to Lawrence Lessig –

We all love Lawrence Lessig. Unfortunately those young’ns today just don’t know who he is…and really though I am not making a judgment on the name Lawrence or Lessig for that matter…it would be terrific if we could say,rename the guy.

Perhaps it’s time Lawrence Lessig got a new name to give him a little more street cred.

Check out The Woz’s site.
or what about Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo. Even Dubya has a catchy name;come to think of it,maybe that’s why he’s managed to stick around.

A nickname is an endearing way to show our love and support and more importantly if your nickname wins you will win bragging rights forever AND I talked to Lessig’s most lovely assistant and she said she could hook up a special dinner with you and the man himself. If he doesn’t agree however,I suppose I will have to go out instead. (Chris says I have to kiss the winner on the cheek.) Rest assured that we will scrounge up a suitable prize. And let’s not forget the bragging rights you will receive for successfully hippifying the Prof.

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