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Ready Set OK Go FUNNY music video

Happy Thanksgiving. Now your full of family and turkey and pie and watching television AND now maybe you’ve decided to web surf home for the holidays to your favorite media literacy website N1L…kisses and hugs all around…I’ve decided to follow the shortsitting tradition here at N1L on Turkey day to put up a […]

Wow Strep Throat makes me loopy

I have strep and am wrapped in layers of blankets and cats…and then I find out N1L gets Boing Boinged and I thought to myself,“Self you better put up a new blog to promote the rename Lawrence Lessig contest…”His middle name also starts with an L by the way…just when […]

Girls For A Change Conference

My mentor and friend the founder of the coolest Bay Area media program for teens Just Think invited me to participate in the annual Girls For A Change conference. Over 1300 Bay Area teens attended the conference and took various classes to empower them to create social change. It was so amazing,the girls were […]

NoOneslizzeling getting PRESS

I thought we were just pressed for time. I thought we were pressed for cash. I thought we pressed buttons (well Chris does most of that…I’m covered in invisible lil buttons…no he presses the buttons on the mixing board)…But we are getting real press. In a newspaper. Two sunday’s from now we […]

Chris the Reducer

Author Jesse Walker recently blogged on his site about a phenomenon that occurs occasionally on No One’s Listening. This typically happens when Irene is left to her own devices,unsupervised,to conduct an interview. She’ll engage the subject in a discussion that can go on for 45 minutes or more,knowing full well that we […]

Radi -set –ello? Ham it up Radio style

I want to get certified as a NERT person that is like a disaster trained person so if the big one ever hit (no not Stephen hitting me on the RW) the other big one hit I would be all ready and if you take the course they give you a hard hat with a […]

The Show Must Go On…Eventually

We’re off the air this week,but fortunately it’s for strictly great reasons! Irene is speaking in San Jose at the Girls for a Change annual summit. Not to be outdone,Skye and I are packing up and heading for the Channel Islands (which is where? anyone?) to participate in the Media Arts Festival. Regardless,[…]