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Wow Strep Throat makes me loopy

I have strep and am wrapped in layers of blankets and cats…and then I find out N1L gets Boing Boinged and I thought to myself,“Self you better put up a new blog to promote the rename Lawrence Lessig contest…”His middle name also starts with an L by the way…just when you thought you knew everything about the prof his little sis sent me an email saying she is LLL initials too. There’s a little knowledge to drop at your next part-hey.
Also,I think my first blog explained what we here at N1L are doing or attempting to do pretty well…basically get people talking about the media. Sadly,we talk about media as related to politics and sometimes technology,but there’s lots more to be talked about…like Sponge Bob (I’m not kidding that lil cartoon was the highest grossing celeb on tv and the parasocial relationships we develop with celebrities are strongest with the kiddies and parents like to make kiddies happy and therefore Sponge Bob Square Pants and I need to Square off and discuss how he is influencing the economy…a parasocial relationship is a one way mediated relationship so we “feel”like we know Jon Stewart but we don’t it’s one way…he don’t know us…waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa but I love him and yet my love is unrequited)
AND if anybody is reading this and you have show ideas or suggestions or questions or money (I thought I’d just slip that in and see if I had any takers er um rather givers) then please shoot me an email.
The show two Friday’s from now with Noam is going to be called “Noam’s Listening”We are taking this Friday to show our Thanks for being proud American’s and spend the day shopping somewhere…anywhere…everywhere we can shop…

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