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GILF Me once GILF me twice c’mon pretty baby GILF me deadly

Funny link sent to me by my favorite writer friend David P over at Boing Boing…I guess I was a sexy geek nomination for 2005…. http://www.boingboing.net/2005/12/21/violet_blues_top_ten.html Here’s the blurb Miss Violoet Blue wrote herself about why I was nominated,but really I’m barely a geek when compared to the rad projects all the other […]

Terrestrial Lyrical Gangsta in Da Hizzy

Commercial radio’s new buzz term is terrestrial radio so as not to be confused with Satellite radio (which does not have a buzzword associated with it that I personally know of…). If I was a Cool Hunter I would say the “youth”want to call Satellite radio Dave Mathews radio Of course,that actually wouldn’t […]

Finals and Chocolate

To anyone in graduate school working on a paper right now…I feel your pain. I was thinking I should have given away my TV for the week and canceled my DSL in order to limit the distractions. Dr. Phil says it’s hard to give up one addiction without replacing it with another…in which […]

Cole-Bear said No

In unfortunate news,the PR peeps that rep Stephen Colbert al la Colbert Report said no…very nicely but none-the-less negative…Not “in”definitely but definitely won’t be participating on this Friday’s Comedy for Change show…I was all prepared with my first question. Mr. Colbert when did you know you made it…when people started […]

Meet the Press

Ben Fong-Torres’Radio Waves column about Irene and the show is now available online! We N1L staffers are busily buying up newspapers (you remember,those folded things that are actually printed on paper) as well. Melissa’s getting a complex about her missing last name,but I think it’s a sign that she should join the […]

SPCA versus Purebread

We are a cute loveable non-imbred mutt of a podcast. We come from a long line of people that are outside the “in”dustry. We are the adorable podcast that can sit and stay and won’t poop on your carpet available for adoption at the SPCA and if you adopt us we come pre-neutured which is […]