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I’m a Rock-bottom girl

…but in good news that means I will make the rockin world rock on…or something to that effect. My father was “beyond”disappointed with the show last night about graffiti art. He felt like I was promoting vandalism by not accurately pointing out that just because a bunch of hooligans are being hooligans […]

The Show Must (Eventually) Go On

We’ve been receiving a lot of comments wondering where the new season of N1L podcasts is already. Believe me,we can’t wait to get into the studio again. And rest assured that Season 2 is only going to be bigger and better. We’ve outlined the first half dozen shows or so,and I really can’t […]

I’m divorcing myself

….perhaps I should wait until I get BIG and then leave myself that way I get half of my earnings. Why would I want to go divorcing myself? Because I have been so defunct on my blogging duties I am embarrassed to call myself a blogger…or call myself anything really. Thanks to Shawn Gallagher […]

After the Fact

Wow! Our trial show for Free FM is over. Talk about a different experience. I am so used to running in and handing Irene slips of paper,or pointing to the ghetto alarm clock overhead. It was a very different experience to sit on the other side of the glass,screen callers,cue the engineer […]

Tonight We’re on LIVE

I must say,although I am approaching our stint on 106.9 Free FM as a one hour No One’s Listening friends and family infomercial. I am nervous. For a variety of reasons. The first time I ever tried radio I was a freshmen in college and I got so nervous reading the news report my […]


The intellectual side of Skye the Ladybug […]

Guys:How to Write a Killer Online personal ad

OK Boyz. Happy New Year. Here’s to finding the girl of your dreams online. I always get recruited to help friends write personal ads and I’ve learned a thing or two now about what girls do and most importantly do NOT respond to…And girls aren’t like you,we don’t JUST look at your picture…[…]