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Busy busy

The bad news is that our workload has tripled,and we’re bogged down a bit. The great news,though,is we’re doing three times as much stuff! We have added the second show on FreeFM,and we’ve started shooting videos each week;in theory,we’re going to start updating the blog,forum and website a […]

Camper Van Beethoven Video

Yesterday when I got a behind the scenes tour of The Guardian I got a chance to meet the graphics guy “Victor”who also happens to be in a the band Camper Van Beethovan. And in a small world turn of events I happened to P.A. on the shoot for the song from the title […]

Did I get that stuffed animal back?

Beardog is his name. He’s a dog,but everyone asks me if I got my teddybear back. And if you can believe it I never named him,even though I’ve slept with him every night since well…For YEARS. A few years back my boyfriend (he’s no longer my boyfriend or a friend for that […]

booking shows

La la la la la la…that is about as happy as I’ll get this week as I book the show on racism and media related issues…times are tough and we have to talk about some heavy topics…that being said I always read a ton during the week of the show and hands […]

No One’s Turning 30

Break out the birthday suits:No One is Turning 30 In good news there are only about twenty years left for me to ovulate. In great news I have five whole years left before I have to resort to male ordering a groom and/or settling for a turkey baster. I’m kidding jeesh Fallopian tubes […]

We are totally back

I was so ready to rock the mic…I literally broke my leg for the occasion (ok my ankle). Somehow getting picked up just doubled my work,but unlike the double mint gum twins it unfortunately did not double my pleasure. We need some illustrations. I was going to take an art class (because using […]