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Over the Rain there’s a Bow

Over the Rain there’s a Bow…and an arrow…and sometimes when you follow your dream it feels like it’s pointing at your heart. Which I suppose –rather propose –might not be a bad thing entirely if it is held by a cloth diaper clad cherub named Cupid. Cherub’s don’t really exist though […]

No One’s Listening needs cash funds

Holy cow I am so sorry…I have been busy busy busy and I appologize. We are looking to raise some money for N1L and even though it’s cheesy to put a paypal thing on the site we’re thinking that’s what we are going to have to do because…it costs a lot to do […]

Taken Down (but not out)

We have just received word that we need to stop hosting the FreeFM shows as podcasts. Fortunately,they will be available on the station’s podcasting page. Have no fear,though. The bulk of our stuff is still available right here,including the main show and our soon-to-be-released video subscription. Plus,we have more eeevil plans […]

BoingBoing:and kitty’s liking breast milk

I love that when BoingBoing makes the NY Times today it’s because they are getting blocked from companies like Halliburtan because there is ONE big player in content filtering software by a company named Secure Computing…which uses a software called smartfilter which is software for a reason apparently because it blocks anything with a […]


OK so I am trying to learn web design…. and it’s very difficult…I have to virtually hand in my first “web page”on Tuesday and I just spent a jillion dollars on BBedit which was supposed to make all this much easier but instead I find myself even more frustrated…and now poorer then […]

Wish List…I wish I may

Got ideas for who you want us to get on the show? I wish I may,I wish I might,hear N1L cover ____ tonight. I want to make sure we are covering the topics you want to hear and discuss. Also,please use the forum because lots of you shoot me amazing comments and […]

Mackity Moo:Funny MP3’s

Ok so I am like tired ALL the time and yet when I try to sleep I think about all the things I have to do for N1L…so I thought if I wrote a bit on the blog that would be one less “To Do”to boo me out of my slumber…Some of […]