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Over the Rain there’s a Bow

Over the Rain there’s a Bow…and an arrow…and sometimes when you follow your dream it feels like it’s pointing at your heart. Which I suppose –rather propose –might not be a bad thing entirely if it is held by a cloth diaper clad cherub named Cupid. Cherub’s don’t really exist though do they… What’s my point? Dreams –like Big Bird’s furry mamoth pal Snuffy –can come true…that’s right Snuffy was indeed an imaginary pal only seen by Big Bird until 1985 when the Seseme Street folks thought that by making Snuffy only real to Big Bird they were perhaps squashing on the dreams of those pre-K kiddies…who,as we all know,have imaginary friends…Now I should put a link up to the article that wrote about this in depth but unfortunately I can not find it. The reason I found this out was because I kept joking with a friend that his pal who I never met was Snuffleupagus,ie imaginary…and this friend of mine said Snuffalufagus is not imaginary…and I said sure he is…and he said no he isn’t…AND I hate losing so I did a late night Google Search and found out much to my chagrin that my friend is much younger then me.

My father’s nick name for my brother was Snuffleupagus or sometimes Bananna,but usually Snuffleupagus. I remember the terrible day when my father was reading us our goodnite bedtime story and he said to my brother,“Okdokey time for bed Snuffleupagus.”

And my brother defiantly said,“I don’t wanna go to bed,Irene’s younger I should be able to stay up.”

And my father responded,“Well too bad so sad Snuffleupagus.”

And my dear brother got so angry and screamed at my father,“I am old enough to stay up late. And STOP CALLING me Snuffleupagus that’s for babies AND I’m not your Bananna either.”

My dad never called him those names again,but of course being the younger sister I started to,because really when your older brother has you in a headlock until you say “Mercy”there is no better comeback then fake pleading “Mercy”so you can gasp for air and then under your breath from a safe distance whispering ”Snuffleupagus.”No I would never have done that,because that would be mean (I would mouth it real slowly though sometimes in the back of the station wagon on the trips to visit the relatives when we inevitably earned a time-out after only fifteen minutes of the car ride).

The real point of this story is to point out the fact that I never ever forgot the look of hurt on my fathers eyes that evening as his son demanded to be treated like the six year old tooth losing grown up he was…Consequently,I allowed my father to call me my nickname still,forever,like he still calls me the same name (which will not be shared,so don’t ask)…and that’s the story of my life and why I believe in Cupid and the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow and everything because I will never forget the look on my father’s face and of course the way my mother then started crying and then I started crying (my mother and I still cry together it’s like yawning for the women in our family one starts…we all follow in suit).

So is No One’s Listening an imaginary friend or something that will turn into to something and maybe the same way Big Bird believed from 1971 through 1985 that Snuffy was real…I need to believe that this is a good idea and we will succeed. But it’s hard sometimes,luckily for me the adults in my life and my friends and family and the whole N1L team all see our big huge hair long nosed huggable Snuffleupagus radio show that could dream…

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