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on behalf of my kitty kat who sits on my lap while i type with his hands gently resting on my arms nuzzling me…on behalf of that particular kitty kat…I am giving a shout out to all the real kitty kats by tossing a laid back “meow”your way

The BEST part of Vegas

…is leaving

Smoking Stephen

Whatever happened to that guy that hit you Irene…. [...]

no one’s doing their taxes

…oh my I THOUGHT today was the 14th but it’s only the 13th so I have like a whole ‘nother twenty four hours to panic and call my friend Nick and beg him to help a sis out! Nick is an actor,a thesbian if you will…and he will…and he wants to,[...]

Oh Blah Dee Oh Blah Da

Life goes on…The paypal thing is working so well it falls right under the N1L catagory of attempts and we’ll have to call it “No One’s Donating”

I have a great PR idea for George Clooney et al…I think there should be a celebrity sperm bank.

Could you imagine the Oprah [...]