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Oh Blah Dee Oh Blah Da

Life goes on…The paypal thing is working so well it falls right under the N1L catagory of attempts and we’ll have to call it “No One’s Donating”
I have a great PR idea for George Clooney et al…I think there should be a celebrity sperm bank.
Could you imagine the Oprah holiday show that would ignite? Right after giving away a sorbet maker and a robot vacuum washer drier…(because you know how Miss Winfrey likes to keep the gifts household and/or beauty related) so when she whips out the “electric turkey baster”the women in the audience will be crying and hugging and jumping up and down while the Oprah elves start handing out boxes which presumably are empty (I mean I assume they just get gift certificates to go to the stores or mail in rebates or something…) and then she’ll say,“Now I knew you gals would get excited over a turkey baster…but that excited? It ain’t nothin but a turkey baster…I can’t believe ya’ll got so excited ’bout a darn ol’turkey baster”
The audience will laugh.
Now Oprah has everyone sit back down and she says,“Every year I do my favorite things show and it is so darn hard to keep it a secret. People always are trying to get tickets…and as you know every year I pick a special group of people to be a part of our audience for this very show and this year is no exception. Ya’ll wrote letters and said you were looking into artificial insemination and those electric turkey basters are filled with celebrity SPERM. George Clooney,Brad Pitt,Dr. McDreamy,YOU put them on your top ten celebrity men list and we put them in a test tube for you!!!”

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