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Why Life IS Like My Bathroom Drain

There are things in life I will never ever learn until I own them…like if I owned my own home I might find it in my own best interests to go to the hardware store invest 50 cents in a hair stopper…but I don’t own my own house. I rent an appartment. It […]

Will and Grace both say Potato but I say po-tat-toe

So here’s a thing I’m tossing around in my head…it’s a hot potato idea so I am like thinking it and then passing it along and if you drop it then you are out. Will and Grace came to an end this evening and I realized that tv love is about relationships and people […]

Chris Cornell,audio slave

We’ve been having a rough time of it this semester,between some annoying technical difficulties and a truckload of school work that has prevented us from adequately dealing with those issues. Due to ongoing phone malfunctions in the studio,we’ve had quite a bit of cleanup to do on some of the interviews. Hopefully this […]

Chips and Typing and Schadenfreude

Ok…so I need like a black computer…or orange rather…something that blends my cheeto finger prints better…Now back to the show…just got off air from the Free FM show,which was an interesting topic. We discussed…what the German’s refer to as schadenfreude…which is basicaly the guilty pleasure we take […]

Wanna B On The Show?

Call for all N1L’overs…we’re doing the studio for the last time this Friday! From here (hear) on out (shout) we will be recording out of our in home studio…AND since NONE of us own a home (albeit Skye does live with her ‘rents…but it’s still not her home) anyhooters we will be […]

How quickly

…. hmmm how long did it take Andrew Cohen to come check out our site after he got hosed on CNN’s show!!! I guess he is the creative director at Bravo –holy cow he couldn’t even creatively come up with a good comeback they will have to change his title to the not-super-creative director. […]


M’kay…so how is it possible that our lil’podcast that could travel the world ain’t bringing in the bacon. Although it IS bringing in some great fan letters and we can’t say enough how much we appreciate everyone’s support. It’s amazing we did the Skye quiz this week and we had a few unanswered […]