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Rockin’the Racetrack

We’re back in town after a long,exhausting but fun trip to Baltimore for the Virgin Festival. The day-long event took place at Pimlico Race Track and was apparently the first time the horses made way for rock bands to play in the middle of their playground. We shot some good video and even managed […]

No One’s Leaving

sooo my ode to Chris blog was just to give the man behind the pixals some props. He’s still working on N1L…and getting worked by N1L. It feels soooo good to do shows again. I was having a tough week with lots going on and it’s just so cool to be working on a […]

My Dear Chris,

Dear Chrissypoo –On behalf of the guests,fans and crew of N1L we would like to tip our cyber hats to you in thanks for being such a swell under(non)paid webdevelop guru. We would like to say thank you for busting out a new revamped website for us which is easier to use and […]


Wow,it’s been like three months since we put out a show. But the wait is almost over. We intended to do a short set of shows over the summer,but things got crazy across the board for us and…well,it didn’t happen. I would cue a bad MIDI file of “Cruel Summer”if […]