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No One’s Aging

…so I thought I was totally down with my age –then I find THIS in my inbox…. mind you I had a memory of an ambien induced online shopping binge from the night before…and apparently I raided my fave online vitamin store (yes,pause,vitamin store…)Puritan’s Pride…(no Turkey Day pun […]

No One’s Borat

I have NOT yet seen the Borat movie as I think you need to come equipped with certain genetalia to run out opening weekend to see a man with a mustache traipse around in tighty whities…BUT I have already read an article about it…which is totally unlike seeing the movie but it makes […]

NoOne’s Digging up Poetry from Persia

Thaaank you Miss Vanda Dah-ling for sending me this fantastic poem…and to the Persion poet Rumi who penned it for us back in the 1300’s -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jalal_ad-Din_Muhammad_Rumi (sorry I can’t make my linky link tag work…) fantastic I can read a great poem sent to me by a dear friend and instantly share it […]

Dr. McPayAttentionToThePatientsBlood

These flirting hospital scenes have got to go McDreamy making eyes at Merideth while stitching together a near death patient…Dr McOther disecting a corpse with Christina while they gaze into one another’s eyes knowing that only THEY really get one another…how romantic and bizarre…When I go under here is what I want […]

Mustaches and other musings

OK so here are the thoughts that keep me in bed longer…hitting the snooze (OK well lately I don’t have an alarm waking me up I bought a coffee maker so I thought getting the olfactory senses sensing in the AM would help me wake up BUT actually it’s just my obsessive compulsive tendencies […]