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No One’s Borat

I have NOT yet seen the Borat movie as I think you need to come equipped with certain genetalia to run out opening weekend to see a man with a mustache traipse around in tighty whities…BUT I have already read an article about it…which is totally unlike seeing the movie but it makes me feel one with my animus –(it’s a fancy word for psychological male tendencies)
An I mus-t get back to the topic at hand…Borat’s getting taken to court yo. Not really,but the studio’s that made the movie are because of the drunk frat boys who apparently were coaxed into drinking heavily before being the movie shot by the shows producers…I guess these fellas look really really bad in the movie and their claim is that the production was not what it claimed to be and that more importantly they were not in a state where they would be able to read and sign the waiver…the boys are claiming they signed it after they started drinking…which they only did because they were encouraged to by the production staff…I would link to the article but my linking thing is not working properly so here you can cut and paste your way to the facts as told by CNN:http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Movies/11/10/film.boratlawsuit.ap/index.html?eref=rss_topstories
Is there a case? I am not sure…but I am sure that the boys were probably convinced that drinking was the appropriate thing to do before the shoot. They had try-outs for The Real World in Berkeley (on the Berkeley campus…) and I went to see what the try-outs were like now…I’m not kidding it’s the closest I’ve come to doing something publically activist-y. ANYWAY,the try-outs were held at a BAR. A bar on the campus,but a bar…. And who was the sponsor? Corona…that seems like an interesting sponsor considering the show recruits people from age 18 –25…. last I checked you had to be 21 to drink legally…last last I checked for most interviews you are not told by the production staff to losen up and have a drink before the try-outs…that’s right they were saying to the kids that were 21 to hang out and have a beer while they waited…hmmm….
So back to Borat –my new theory is that Girls Gone Wild and Boys Gone “That Guy”when drunk…you know “That Guy”that will do ANYTHING for a laugh…I don’t know how this will pan out…likely on the side of the studio’s however I guess I am just not into this ambush style shooting and editing where the shot becomes more important then the people you are shooting…I have not seen the movie…and I’m sure it’s so wrong that it’s funny but I bet it would seem really really wrong and very not funny if we heard from the other side of the story and the people that were duped for the sake of our not so cheap laugh…movies are like 10 bucks now huh? I’ll wait for it to come out on airplane….

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