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OMG I’m so Excited

Yeah! Good news the new season is about to begin and I’ve already started recruiting guests. I try to wait until the week of (right like my procrastination is part of the plan),but I just had to get the phone and reach out and get the N1L season started again. So much has gone […]

Scarcity and Fear

So I am working on my papers (yes it’s break and this is what happens kiddies if you ask for extensions…they haunt you like the New Year’s resolution you already broke) The entertainment industry is built around scarcity and fear…the two key factors that lead to war…Jobs are scarce and job security […]

Funny Email From Newly TVless Friend

OK how funny is this email…and thought provoking too. There is a campaign once a year called turn off your TV week. I think I blogged about it before. I think we should get weaned into things like that perhaps I should shut off my tv while on the computer…oh no wait that […]