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Funny Email From Newly TVless Friend

OK how funny is this email…and thought provoking too. There is a campaign once a year called turn off your TV week. I think I blogged about it before. I think we should get weaned into things like that perhaps I should shut off my tv while on the computer…oh no wait that would just SUCK. —–
Dear Trusted Local Friends,
As you all know,I love television.
I love the flicker of a newly lit screen,the feel of a remote between my fingertips,the utter laziness and dare I say Americanism I feel while engaged in the mindless pursuit of escapism bliss.
The rest of my loving family at xxxx Fulton St. feel differently about the TV and have as a result decided to cease payment of our Comcast bill,effectively staging their own “Coup De Television”to begin 2007.
For the next several months I will be in a state of mourning and will be turning our television into a shrine of sorts by lighting candles and leaving unopened tv-dinners in front of it as sacrifice to the television gods.
On the plus side I will probably be far more productive and may learn a thing or two by engaging in actual conversation with my roommates.
I am asking the members on this list to bear with me as I struggle through the certain pain and withdrawal I will be feeling. I also ask that you invite me over to each of your respective television sets no matter how big or how small for any viewable material that you feel appropriate to share with a friend (my show list ranges from HBO hits to MTV smut and all cable and broadcast network sports,series,and specials in between…there truly is nothing I do not enjoy watching).
I’ll always be glad to bring a bottle of booze,some of the afore mentioned unopened tv-dinners and any other television watching accoutrement you can think of.
Thank you in advance for keeping me in your hearts,your prayers,and most importantly your living rooms.
Happy New Year to all.
Cold Without Cable,

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