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Scarcity and Fear

So I am working on my papers (yes it’s break and this is what happens kiddies if you ask for extensions…they haunt you like the New Year’s resolution you already broke) The entertainment industry is built around scarcity and fear…the two key factors that lead to war…Jobs are scarce and job security is nearly impossible to come by (dude Dave Chappelle left his own show and his show still went on with his name on it…I always liked Charlie Murphy but what’s that guy doing hosting the show without Dave…there are no friends in this industry…no one’s got your back even if you gave them a piggyback ride to fame)
We aren’t going to see a war anytime soon,or any sort of revolt for that matter and it’s too bad because the stratification of this industry and the industry professionals is the core of the problem and the groups which get formed inherently are based in alienating other people in the industry (DGA,SAG,AFTRA etc)…It’s a fundamental problem this industry has got to figure out and solve or you don’t want to be living in hollywood in thirty years when these 30 somethings are 60 somethings and unable to retire because they have no 401k,no health insurance,etc…
The industry is based on contract work. The only thing worse then part-time work (which many a feminist critic did critique as part of the scheme to keep us women folk down) is contract work. Imagine the health care system if it was BASED on contract work,you can’t…you can’t imagine how that could be possible…but the perverse way the entertainment industry got established you probably have an equally hard time imagining how the entertainment industry could function without contract workers,seasonal employees etc –It’s a totally backwards messed up abusive way of making something work,it’s like a dictatorship BUT TOTALLY different because there is no dictator…
No one wants to bite the hand that feeds it but let’s face it if the hand that’s feeding you is feeding you crappy fast food then bite the hand because you are being fed crap that isn’t healthy…Contract work is NOT healthy.
speaking of unhealthy I have to go to the gym now because it’s either that or clean…and neither task sounds too appealing but at least with one there is a chance of seeing some cute boys…omg I totally ranted alas that’s what blogs are for…

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