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Sad news and call to action

I am sorry to report that Irene’s apartment burned down this past weekend. Fortunately,Irene made it out safely;her cats,however,were not as fortunate. Star died in the accident and Sergeant Johnson escaped,but is recovering from burns. Other than her coveted laptop (which she managed to escape with),Irene has lost most […]

Want to Help N1L

We need help this new season. Ideas for shows welcome. Please keep the communications coming in AND we totally need some PR help as well as blogging link love. Plus if you have past shows you liked tell your pals because our shows are not time sensitive so if they like Noam have’m check out […]

Stupid Bowl Sunday

Happy unofficial second most important national hang-over day. I did not drink,because I was drowning in academic journals in an effort to graduate from graduate school. I AM getting a “graduate degree”so it would be a real pity if I did not graduate from my graduate program. So I love that there is […]