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Stupid Bowl Sunday

Happy unofficial second most important national hang-over day. I did not drink,because I was drowning in academic journals in an effort to graduate from graduate school. I AM getting a “graduate degree”so it would be a real pity if I did not graduate from my graduate program.
So I love that there is so much research put into debunking the spousal abuse Super Bowl sunday myth. Gotta get the facts straight on that one even though basically our entire television evening news is dedicated to various renditions of “experts said”or “they reported”myths on a daily basis.
Anyhooters,I have a question. In this consumer oriented landscape we all know the winner’s of the game have not yet won until they are shown drenched in Gatorade sporting their newly won championship t-shirt and hat (which are already the top purchases on the NFL homepage). Here is the question for all you sporty tv fanatics,what do they do with the product they made in mass quantities for the losing team? Meaning they must have all the hats and shirts and such made before the game day and they dole out the hats according to the winners,so what in the world happens to the boxes of pre-printed winner t-shirts and hats and such of the team that lost the game? Do you think they have to burn them? I mean I would think the non-winning shirts would become collector’s items because so few would have been produced for the event and production would stop immediately,but how do they control those shirts getting to the public…or even just getting out in general?
OK I will wait by my computer patiently until someone smart comes up with the answer for me. And I don’t want a theory I want it based in scientific research…awe I’m kidding –it’s just that I’m in graduate school frame of mind and that paper is haunting me.
I’m a loyal yellow Gatorade drinker by the way,I get so annoyed if there is only red or orange or blue…only yellow for me. GO Lemon-Lime thirst quencher!

Wenn hausarbeit-agentur.com sie jemanden nicht richtig gut und v.

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