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I lost My Ipod

OK so as a terrible defect to this whole tragedy in my life…I one,wanted music…because really when life slams you like this you need some tunes to tune out the world around you…AND I find myself in lines all the time…so a pal got me an ipod as a donation…[…]

DIY –Oh my

Ok so back to media related topics…I don’t own a TV now…. and I’d like to go public with the fact that I really miss my Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights…I just miss being able to relax sometimes at night and get lost in a movie or something. Alas,the only movie player […]

What to do in a fire…

OK so I”m doing better or maybe just getting a chance to do N1L made me feel better. The show was about the fire but also about communication systems in disasters (dude we have to do some media literacy). Things are sad and muddled and confusing for me right now and the emails and support […]