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What to do in a fire…

OK so I”m doing better or maybe just getting a chance to do N1L made me feel better. The show was about the fire but also about communication systems in disasters (dude we have to do some media literacy). Things are sad and muddled and confusing for me right now and the emails and support from friends,family and listeners has meant so much to me…this email in particular made me crack up. Joel was supposed to be on our show last week and I told him the show burned and we’d have to redo the show someday…when we get equipment and I’m not busy crying and such…haha.. Anyway here is his email and you can check out his website at http://www.happyjoel.com
Thanks Joel for making me laugh!!!
AND many thanks to all of you who have written and sent your cyber love and support. I really need it right now. Sergeant Johnson got a new cat toy from his knight in kitty nip friend Jordan who is owned by a cat named Marvin –anyway Mavin told Jordan to send over a kitty toy to S.J. and now Sergeant Johnson is actually playing again! Yippy! MANY thanks to Pets Unlimited for taking such good care of him AND covering his medical bills (they have a policy of covering burn victims…) and he may be bald in spots but hey he did it before Britney…he’s a trend setting cat.
Here’s the note from Joel!!
First off,I’m really sad to hear that,and I hope you can come out of it okay. Second,here’s the ideas I have,maybe one of them will work. (i hope none of them are insensitive)
1) Sell things that are burnt or semi-burnt on eBay saying they are from the “Great San Francisco Fire”and have great historical significance.
2) Get a fireman’s hat,and set up a stand for people to take pictures wearing the hat in front of the burned out rubble for five bucks a polaroid.
3) Make a 15 minute video of “fun things to do in an apartment that’s burned down”and burn a few DVD’s of it,and sell them around to friends,co-workers,on the street,online,etc. Things you could
include are:
a) playing chutes and ladders
b) a fire sale
c) acting out episodes of your favorite TV shows since you can’t watch them anymore.
d) juggling?
e) calling friends and being like,“hey,what’s new with you,”and when they say,“not much,what’s new with you”you go through a bunch of random stuff,then say goodbye,hang up the phone,and make a “whoops!”face,at the fact you forgot to tell them your home burned down.
f) a song in the style of stomp
g) break things
h) Randomly dump buckets of water on things,just to show how vigilant you will be to never let it happen again. Start with a bucket on the kitchen floor,then dump a bucket on a table,then dump one on a cat or a dog as the punchline.
4) Make and sell popcorn in front of the apartment,but warn people it might be a little burnt.
5) Sue a death metal band and say playing their music backwards made you do it.
6) Sue an Asian rap band and say playing their music backwards made you do it.
7) Film hilarious alternate endings to:Backdraft,Citizen Kane,Chariots of Fire,and some non sequitor like Beetlejuice.
8) Film a short documentary like from TLC or Discovery,that talks about how “nature moves in cycles,and there must be destruction for life to bloom again”and then show a small green sprout rising up from the ashes. Do it in a British accent.
9) Post a notice on any film student message boards or bulletin boards that you have a burned down building available to shoot in for cheap.
10) Offer people a smash with a sledghammer on anything left in the house for 5 bucks a swing as a way to “release aggression”or just have fun or some such thing.
11) Same as number 4,but do it with brownies as a bake sale.
12) Walk up to your apartment as a person with a suit is walking past down the street. make sure you are ten steps ahead of them. Pretend everything is normal,then,when you come upon it,break down in tears and turn to them for comfort. Explain how desperate a situation it is for you,and see if you can borrow or have enough money to get a hotel room for the night. With as expensive as hotel rooms are in San Fran,that could be a hundred bucks a pop. Pull that 3-5 times a day,and you’ll be well on your way to getting stuff back.
I’ll let you know if I have any other ideas,let me know if any of these work for you.
Whatever the case,I’ll look forward to doing the interview again whenever you are back up on your feet again,and wish you the absolute best of luck.
Take care,

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