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DIY –Oh my

Ok so back to media related topics…I don’t own a TV now…. and I’d like to go public with the fact that I really miss my Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights…I just miss being able to relax sometimes at night and get lost in a movie or something. Alas,the only movie player I have is on the computer and I find it difficult to watch anything on the computer because I tend to do work and/or the computer gets glitchy and I feel bad for it… it was in a very hot fire so I have to take it easy on the poor thing.
No tv is really weird because I must admit I watched a lot –not that I just watched tv but I usually had it on in the background or something while on the computer –tv –etc something to escape to so it’s weird to just like not even have that be an option. I realize I could purchase a tv and make that an option but truthfully it’s last on my to-do list.
I’m glad the podcasts are back in full effect because it feels good to research and do the show. I worked the boards and did the whole thing myself last week –which was pretty cool because I talk a big game about girls learning to use the tools themselves but I only knew the basics so it was kind of nice to be forced to learn to work a radio board while being on air –in retrospect…at the time I was totally freaking out…but psyched I made it happen. That show won’t be coming out until next week. We used to record and then put the show right out,but we’re about a week behind on putting things up now –so bear with us as we get our lives in order…Chris has a full-time job now,but it’s at a start-up so it’s like a full-time/over-time job. He was just leaving work now at 9 pm when we were IMing…
Also check out the new show about disasters…one of our best although I think that every show…I just so appreciate getting to learn so much information each and every show. It’s very cool my job –if only it paid…
Sorry I haven’t been blogging much…I have been busy stitching my life back together.

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