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I lost My Ipod

OK so as a terrible defect to this whole tragedy in my life…I one,wanted music…because really when life slams you like this you need some tunes to tune out the world around you…AND I find myself in lines all the time…so a pal got me an ipod as a donation…I have since “misplaced”that ipod about ten times a day…and this time I think it might be for real…which would for REAL SUCK…it’s one thing to lose most of my music but the few songs I had on this computer I can’t listen to at bizarrely loud levels while cruising the streets of life…I better find that sucker because I might have to buy a new one if I don’t…it’s just funny the ONE thing of value that I have right now and I can’t seem to remember to find it when I need to…like now because it’s a GREAT idea to cruise around the SF streets at night with an ipod on…no I’m kidding –I don’t have speakers anymore so I can’t listen to music loud and I have to build a shelf thing (someone gave me a shelving thing that I just had to “build”well it’s been over a week and apparently you can wait and wait and no matter how much I procrastinate those stubborn slabs of wood won’t just meld together and act like a shelf…plus,those shelves should come with a warning label –like directions not in English and time spent making will be at least fourteen hours…)
Anyway,no show tomorrow. I guess the school is closed…. which means I have no access to a studio –which means no No One’s Listening. Don’t worry you won’t miss a thing because we’re actually backlogged a show so there will be plenty of online content coming your way.
Also,the last show I was talking about free wi-fi but then in the show that you are waiting on the edge of your itunes delivery box to recieve was about free wi-fi and my heart has taken a sudden turn or my brain has…I was underwear that wi-fi has such small signal reach capacity. You learn something new everyday. And these days I’m learning lessons I didn’t even sign up to learn…but anyway the free wi-fi internet connectivity show that is coming up is going to rule…I just said it like that to be dramatic because I worked the boards all by myself so it may actually be harsh on the ears but hopefully Chris our dedicated producer will be able to produce out alll my mistakes.
My friend said I should post some of the nice letters fans have sent since the fire. I will do that next blog…for now I’m going to build that shelf…when you write something did you know you are more likely to follow through because you commited to it on paper (or in this case on keyboard) so here’s to me finishing that shelf unit…actually I may run to the car that is not mine which I’m borrowing so I can take my cat on all these emergency cat visits and see if I left my iPod inside the car…if not…I will cry. Hard.

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