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Ok in the show that should be going up now (cough,cough…we’re having a little technical difficulties) I discussed free wi-fi as a solution BUT the following show that is in the wings waiting for Chris to work his editing magic is about wi-fi access and it’s a LOT more complex then I had thought…wi-fi access points have a low signal (like think cordless phone low signal.. I mean you can build them bigger.. but…it’s a very complex issue…and I dug myself right into the hole of the debate…)
Now this is posted on Google and check out the “simple”install page http://www.google.com/tisp/install.html
Oh Google better not get to big for their britches because there is an ogle in Google (matter of fact it says Go Ogle…. which is what all the press that was so nice to them in the beginning are going to be doing now…Google is like the tech worlds equivalent to Britney Spears –pretty,young,rich has everything…we’re just waiting for the head shaving moment…) It’s a pity really because people will gladly watch while they get dethroned off their throne (they themselved even showed a toilet in the easy install picture…)
Hmm if connecting the world was only that easy. I just wonder sometimes if it’s like Coca-cola saying hey you are thirsty have some coke to people with no access to food and water…(Or like here in the US somehow McDonald’s popped up everywhere…well who cares if it’s fast and convenient if it’s crap…although I do eat there sometimes…whatever like you are so perfect) well coke is something to drink but it’s sugary and sweet and also rots your teeth and stuff (course i drink that as well) but is it really what you want to drink as your only option…
Ohh and I interviewed this guy named Jeff Wishnie from a comapny called Inveneo http://www.inveneo.org/ which partners with another rad company (who I didn’t have on the show called http://www.one-economy.com) who is soooo rad and working on the coolest project trying to get some basic connections going in this world so half the world doesn’t righteously look at the other half and say look at the divide…he’s actually getting places up and connected in the Sahara (think hot and dry and totally different way to store your harddrive then our fancy co-locations which are nice and air conditioned here in the US) where people don’t even have light let alone electricity…so that when they get up and running they can not only tell us what they need if they need something but tell one another…
Here’s my analogy –it’s like instead of giving someone a fish you teach them to fish,right …but what we do is give people a can of tuna that i can’t open without a can opener…and if we think to try and teach them to fish we realize after we spend a billion dollars smiling for our cameras…that guess what the nearest ocean is a twenty mile walk…)
We have the food to feed the world and people are starving. We haven’t figured out the basics of food and shelter and therapy (that’s a basic right…oh no wait that’s only a basic if you live in a place where you have the luxury to think about yourself this much). We’re talking about giving one lap top per child to people that are hungry and using that lap top for light to light their hut…and last I checked you can’t eat a laptop…and I checked recently…
I just don’t see how that is going to do anything but start WARS…. major wars…major fighting…black markets…what if a kid breaks it…what if the teacher can’t use it…dude there are countries where kids know how to hold a rifle and use it by age 6 (maybe they don’t want a laptop from us…they hate us…they have civil wars going on that are so major and like the one thing both sides can agree on is how much they hate America…because we come up with crappy ideas like one lap top per child…)
PuhLEASE go watch the most recent video online where I interview Kate Roberts from Cisco (they do all computer networking jazz..) who helps set up schools and teach people how to set up networks…who cares if I have a computer if it can’t get online and such (then it’s a typewriter and I bet Jobs wouldn’t be nearly so into one lap top per child then would he…) anyway it’s really cool because she talked about going to countries where women are second class citizens and how the economy is totally separate so women are not allowed to shop in stores with men…which means they need the biz tools to survive…but getting an education can also threaten their actual lives…CRAZY…just go to No One’s Listening and check out the first video on the video page…I can’t link latey…)
OK sooo the much anticipated wi-fi show will be out this week in the meantime the disaster show is going up –and what a disaster it is to get out with all our equipment issues…but we talk on…even though.. no one is listening…

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