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What I would do to Live in A TV Drama

Wouldn’t it be great. You show up single. You have sexual chemistry with the one other qualified single guy that is available only for you and you have to work together and you know that whether the show makes it 7 years or two seasons the love will have to happen quick because Mr Right is physically right there…and all the cast and all the music and all the signs are there for you to see how your life will work out.
There’s always a wise ol’neighbor or office assistant who though they are beneath you in job rank (your the star in the drama) they have the wisdom of the dali lama…
It’s pretty and clean. The sets are so clean it’s unreal. No clutter anywhere and the pseudo clutter is not clutter is it? It’s some papers they purposely unstacked and made messy…it’s never real mess though is it. You never see the random sock on a table. You never see the cupboards open hell you never even see one drawer slightly left ajar…you never see the breakfast bowl left on the breakfast table…
I watch anyway. I watch in spite of the fact I know exactly what is going to happen. I watch even though I know that women sans botox who actually eat and have a career to not exist looking like that…because to look like that looking at yourself is your part-time career. I watch in spite of the fact that these people are all trapped together never leaving their drama family/career/whatever…there is no outside world for the dramas. That’s why I watch.
I watch because they never pay bills. I watch because the dogs are not mutts and cats don’t exist.
They are neat. Clean,crisp corners,with great comeback lines matched with perfect half smiles. They are the Quicker Picker Upper narratives for my brain,because my brain wants something in my life to be neat and organized and predictable…and so I watch television dramas,because life is messy.

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