N1L is back!

No One’s Listening, everyone’s favorite discussion of mass media and culture,returns to the Interwebs!




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What is No One’s Listening?

N1L is a live streaming internet radio show and syndicated podcast featuring weekly topics dedicated to media literacy,education and entertainment…all with a requisite dose of humor! Join our host,blogger/media pundit/reality TV star Irene McGee for explorations of the everchanging world of modern media.

Originating as a radio show and podcast from San Francisco State University’s KSFS radio station,N1L is back from hiatus with a spot on the Progressive Radio Network. Join us live each Friday at 2PM EST,or catch the archived podcasts.

What have people been saying about N1L?

“However you receive it,it’s worth a listen.”–Ben Fong-Torres,journalist and co-founder of Rolling Stone

The original N1L was featured on BoingBoing,Ben Fong-Torres’Radio Waves column for the San Francisco Chronicle, Danny Schechter’s News Dissector blog,and as a Featured Podcast on Apple’s iTunes. Irene has also appeared on FreeFM radio,CNN’s Showbiz Tonight and G4′s Attack of the Show,among others.



New to the show?

Catch up with podcasts of our most popular past shows:

Creativity and the Commons

N1L celebrates free culture with author,professor and Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig. Plus we investigate other cases of using media to make a difference.

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Fake News

Noam’s Listening! When is news not really news? We ask the experts about video news releases (VNR’s),press releases and other tomfoolery designed to cloud the issue. Professor Noam Chomsky and Craig “craigslist”Newmark are among the featured guests.

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Commodification of Punk

God save the Queen! N1L dives into the past,present and future of punk rock with scholars,musicians and fans alike. Featured guests include Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys,Alternative Tentacles) and V. Vale of RE/Search Publications.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The Strange Case of Josh Wolf

Stop the presses! Oh wait,we have no presses. Former guest Josh Wolf visits us in the studio for an extended discussion of his current predicament. Josh is currently out on bail for refusing to turn over personal video footage to federal agents;he kindly fills us in on exactly what happened and how this might play out from here.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Changing Face of Journalism

Fewer and fewer people rely on television and newspapers for their daily news. Can the internet rise to the challenge? N1L discusses the future of journalism with those who are making it happen. Among the guests are Jimmy “Wikipedia”Wales and Don Graham,Chairman of the Washington Post.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Ready for even more?

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